Does anyone know of a ham-radio-proof electric blanket? We had our last blanket for years, and it has never given us any trouble until recently, when it stopped heating properly. It never complained about my HF transmissions on multiple bands, modes, and power outputs.

When our old one died, we purchased a new blanket, one with a little screen and more settings than the old one. It died within minutes. We sent it back and the company sent a replacement. The replacement died within minutes. We got a refund.

Then I recalled that I am running js8call during the day on 40m and 20m... and an electric blanket is what if not a giant antenna?

We ordered one more, from a different company, which looked to be the same as the one we had for the last several years. On arrival this morning, it was clearly a cheap re-make, but it was simpler (no screen, for example) so I thought I'd try it out. To be safe, I clamped ferrites in several key locations.

Nope. Operated it for a while with the TX turned off in js8call, then sent a couple messages and it was done for. Boxed up to return.

Am I mistaken in believing that consumer products ought to be able to handle my modest transmissions? I guess if I can't find a blanket, there's always hot water bottles...

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