Privacy Policy

I take privacy very seriously. I will not bother the User (anyone who uses these services) with email signup or other requests for personal data. I may choose to host advertising to help pay for costs. In general, I do not collect or store personal data. Personal data is never required to use these free services. is a property of Pinpoint Management, LLC located in Fulton Missouri, USA.

How we collect data

We do not collect personal data for use of the free services. The IP address of each User is retained in our hosting logs, but is not associated with personally identifiable information. Additional data may be stored by advertisers, outside the control of

How we use data

The minimal non-identifying, non-personal hosting data that we collect is used for security and analytics.

How we disclose data

Outside, no other parties have access to the data provided directly to us by the User. We do not sell or transfer User data.

How we store data

Website data is stored in a secure MySQL database and in industry standard logs. Customer data that is sent voluntarily by email, phone, fax, or mail, is stored following standard and customary office procedures. Data is retained for as long as it is relevant to business operations.

Note on JS8Spotter Test Gateway

The data stored by the JS8Spotter Test Gateway is provided by third parties and is for testing purposes only. If you find third-party stored data in the testing mechanism that is offensive, illegal, or otherwise objectionable, please contact the site owner to request that the data be removed.

User Rights

Users have the right to request any and all identifiable data that we store, which would only include data that they have sent to us directly of their own accord. Users have the right to be forgotten, which means that any and all identifiable data that we store may be destroyed at the User's request. Users have the right to object to the use of their identifiable data. To exercise these rights, the User may contact at any time via the method outlined on the website.

How to file a complaint

Users have the right to register a complaint directly with, or with our hosting provider, or registrar. For the quickest results, please contact KF7MIX via the QRZ page email.

Changes of privacy policy

We retain the right to modify this policy as needed. A copy of the most recent policy will be posted on for easy access.


Users may contact us at any time via method outlined on the website.