Yaesu FTdx10

This page is for information, notes, links, and thoughts about this hardware. It is not intended as a thorough review, or an argument. I do not claim to be an expert on this hardware.

Purchased my Yaesu FTdx10 at the end of 2021. Third HF rig that I've operated from my QTH, second that I've purchased. Updated the main firmware to V01-10, but otherwise the radio is stock. It is powered by a Powerwerx SS-30DV. Antenna is an EFHW-8010 from myantennas.

Things I Like about the FTdx10

Everyone talks about the RX on the FTdx10. I don't have much to compare with, having only operated the FT-857D, Xiegu G90, and uSDX on HF. That said, compared to only those rigs, the FTdx10 is quite amazing. I have found all of the filter and shaping functions to be simple, quick, and readily accessible. Even weak signals with a lot of close interference are usable with this radio. I'm under power lines, so I'm no stranger to interference... this radio has made that interference a non-issue for voice communication. It is a game changer over simpler radios, there is no question.

I enjoy the quality of the display. Again, I don't have a lot to compare to. I generally use the 2D waterfall, with colors customized to my liking. When in digital, I use the multi-view, with scope and AF-FFT. Helps me to see my signal to some degree, so I can try to optimize it. I do have an external monitor connected and it works very well, but I don't have much use for it except when someone else is in the shack and I want to show them something.

I find most of the controls suitable and easy to access. The radio is quick between RX/TX, which is good for digital. I like the single-USB connection for digital. Purchased a tripplite double-shielded USB cable which works well for me. I tend to run JS8Call, PSK31, and MFSK16.

Love the programmable multi-function button. I think these are common. Very useful.

Things I Dislike about the FTdx10

I wish that I could turn off the screen, but keep the radio on. I could do this with the G90, a much cheaper radio, but not with this rig. When I'm leaving the radio running in JS8Call during my workday, I see no reason to have the screen going, and find it distracting. After more than a year of operating the radio, I have found that because CAT commands prevent the screensaver from activating, and because you can't turn off the screen, I have to use PTT only in digital, if I want to avoid screen burn-in. I emailed Yaesu, I'm not sure they're interested in fixing the problem.

People seem to enjoy fake analog meters, but I find them frustrating. I'd prefer to see simple meters with numerical values as well. My biggest complaint is that I have to poke the screen if I want to see multiple meters at once, which even my cheap G90 offers. Give me as much data as you can, at least optionally! I believe the meter design on this is purely aesthetic.

The band stacking feature is nice, but there's a huge oversight... there is absolutely no indication on the screen of where you are in the stack! A simple "1" or "2" or "3" would suffice. There is room in the UI for it, certainly; it could go just to the right of the VFO/MODE icon. As it stands, you have no idea where you are in the stack. If you bump the band button twice, you flip through the stack, which can be confusing.

DVI for video out? HDMI or even plain VGA would have been better. Not sure why this was selected, but it was an odd move for a modern radio. Perhaps there's a good electrical reason for it. Yaesu doesn't appaear to feel the need to explain.

For me, the 3D waterfall is useless. Maybe I just don't get it. All the reviews I've seen want to claim "it's growing on me!" but I don't see the appeal or practicality. Every time I turn it on, I feel like a sucker. I'm not the type that can try to love it for the sake of loving it.