uSDX+ "White Button" Version

usdx+ chinese clone HF radio white button version

This page is for information, notes, links, and thoughts about this hardware. It is not intended as a thorough review, or an argument. I do not claim to be an expert on this hardware.

Purchased this iteration on ebay as the uSDX+. As they always are, it was advertised to be the latest and greatest, newest and improvest, updated version. This particular style is colloquially called the "white button" version.

Things I Like About the uSDX "White Button" Version

As with the "brick" version, I would say that "for the price, the radio is great". You can do a lot with a little. Based on my testing so far, the sideband rejection is a little better on this one, verses my other one. Unlike the brick, I haven't tested much phone out on this one, but I have done a full day of QRP JS8Call, and other testing on it. Got all around the country on less than 3W without breaking a sweat.

The entire unit is much smaller and lighter than the brick, and my version doesn't have an internal battery installed currently. There is no PTT or built-in mic on this version, but there is a built-in speaker. My Baofeng hand-mic plugs in nicely. Pinouts are well documented for all ports. I love the size and weight, I can imagine putting together a great light-weight kit with this thing.

Set for digital was simple. I found that the BTECH APRS-K1 cable (I have a couple of these for APRS on the Baofeng) fits perfectly, and coupled with a USB audio TRRS device, gives me an instant galvanic isolation connection to the PC. No mess of cables, just one clean and easy-to-connect cable. VOX works, but fiddling with the settings can be a bear; instead, I wired up a quick PTT circuit with an optocoupler, and plugged it into the front of the radio. Digital modes worked great this way.

Updated 2/20/24: I added an ATU-10 and ran this rig on 30m JS8Call during the day for the last few weeks. Great performance for a small QRP rig, in my opinion. Very consistent results, even with an ill-placed dipole. I'd like to try this little radio out in the woods sometime.

Things I Dislike About the uSDX Clone

  • Unlike the brick verision, this iteration did not have a way to test SWR in the firmware. Didn't realize how much I'd miss that.
  • I'm a little concerned that my external power meter shows the same power in SSB mode whether I'm speaking into the mic or not; should be zero when I'm not saying anything.
  • Documentation is better, but still lacking

Overall I'm not at all disappointed in this little radio!