Yaesu FT-2980R

Yaesu FT2980R digital modes

This page is for information, notes, links, and thoughts about this hardware. It is not intended as a thorough review, or an argument. I do not claim to be an expert on this hardware.

Purchased this one late 2021. My first radio over a decade ago was an FT-2900R, so I'm technically on my second version of this. I use it stock with an added EasyDigi for digital modes, connected to the mic jack for PTT/mic and the audio out on the back. I think I'm some sort of heretic for this, at least to some people, but I don't care.

Things I Like about the FT-2980

The Yaesu FT-2980R is built like a tank. If you've never hefted one, you don't understand. Honestly, it feels like you could drive over this brick, and it'd survive. I use mine both mobile and base, and I'm never worried about bringing it around with me.

  • Great audio even on the stock speaker. Plenty of volume.
  • Nice big display, very bright.
  • Good hand mic with remote controls.
  • Budget radio, so it's very easy on the pocketbook.

Things I Dislike about the FT-2980

Most of what I don't like is related to the fact that it's a budget radio. However, some budget radios have a data port, so there is that at least: Lack of a data port. With the popularity of digital, they should consider adding one if at all possible. Currently using an Easy Digi style interface, which needs to connect to the audio out in the rear, and the mic jack in the front.

Volume knob is far too sensitive at the low end. It jumps from zero to overpowering too quickly. Might be great in a truck on the highway, but not so great for digital. This would be solved with a data port. However, I think a volume knob with a different range at the low end would be nice.

Low-tech display is marginally annoying in this day and age. I expect something that could handle more characters for the memory slot names wouldn't break the bank? I wish for more pixels on the display.