Coming Soon: JS8Spotter

Getting closer to officially releasing some form of JS8Spotter, a simple app that you can read about here. A few friends have been helping me test, and it has been distributed to a few folks, but it's getting close to general distribution. Well, as general as something like this can get.

It's been fun to fiddle with python more, and to work on some gui programming. I program as a hobby, and have done so since the 90's, in as wide a variety of languages as I can get my hands one (and have time for...) Master of none, as the saying goes, but I do enjoy it. This little program represents some fun times, and some utility that I and a few others were either looking for, or can find a purpose for.

If you test, feel free to send me a report. My address is on, and my page there is linked in the menu of this site.

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