JS8Spotter Updated to v1.10b

Version 1.10b of JS8Spotter has been released. The changes for this version include:

  • Added quickfilter for activity treeview
  • Added "pause" menu feature for Expect
  • Added ability to disable expect items by setting max replies to 0, updated dialog
  • Added Expect blocklist
  • Added basic database search, for those who don't want to download/install db tools
  • Added 12h option in visualize waterfall
  • Changed "TCP Active" to "waiting for data", which is more accurate
  • Added ability to highlight search terms with activity in last n minutes
  • Added settings warning check for database version mistmatch
  • Added database migration tool with GUI
  • Added notification sounds, set per profile

I've recorded a supplemental training video to show the differences from 1.03 (when the last training videos were made) to 1.10. If you're curious about some of the features above, please review that video.

The latest version may always be downloaded at this link: Download JS8Spotter for JS8Call

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