Bold Numbers Font for JS8Call

Bold Numbers Font for JS8Call

I enjoy JS8Call, but I don't always enjoy sifting through the visual mess. I found a solution to make an improvement without modifying the program:

Simply download the above fonts and install them (they'll work in Linux or Windows, I've tested them in both), then restart JS8Call. Press F2 and set your UI Global font to Ubuntu Light (if you want it to match), and then set your Band and Call Activity font to Ubuntu BoldNums.

The BoldNums font is an edited version of the open source font Ubuntu, which I've modified to have bold numbers. The result is what you see in the screenshot above. To my eyes, it's much eaiser to read the callsigns, and to pick them out (or pick out invalid ones), when the numbers stand out more.

Sometimes it's the little things that make us happy.

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