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This page is for rules relating to publishing forms for JS8Spotter.

Guidelines for Publishing Forms

JS8Spotter with MCForms makes no attempt to obscure, encrypt, or encode messages or their meaning. We publish all forms included in JS8Spotter here on this website. We also allow and encourage other operators to publish their JS8Spotter MCForms forms here, provided that those forms:

  1. Adhere to FCC amateur radio guidelines governing over the air speech
  2. Have no business or pecuniary interest
  3. Are aligned with common amateur radio best practices reguarding communication forms
  4. Are created by licensed operators who's callsigns will appear on the site
We reserve the right to publish only forms we determine meet these criteria. Publishing forms on this website is not a requirement for using custom forms with JS8Spotter, and operators will not be impacted in their use of the software if their forms are not published here; operators may choose to publish their own forms on their own private websites or in other locations. We strongly encourage operators to publish their forms publicly to avoid the impression that they are confuscating messages.

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